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Amy Sunshine

Healthcare Copywriter

Full-Spectrum Expertise

I am equally adept at writing highly clinical materials for physicians and motivating, engaging pieces for consumers. 

Agency clients (2011-present): CDM, Grey, ICC Lowe, McCann, Natrel, Ogilvy CommonHealth, Guidemark Health, RevHealth


Other clients: Boston Scientific, Harvard Medical School. Indiana University School of Medicine, RedBrick Health (interactive patient education)


Services: Digital/print copywriting, concepting, strategy


Therapeutic category experience:

Acid Reflux: Zantac

Antiviral: Famvir, Fortovase, Reyataz 

Bladder: Oxytrol, Elmiron 

Dermatology: Elidel, Pandel, Finacea, Sporanox, Kerydin

Cardiovascular: Diovan, Lopressor, Inderal, Lipitor

Crohn’s: Remicade

Diabetes: Levemir, Novolog, Tresiba, Starlix

Hemophilia: Hizentra, Humate, National Hemophilia Foundation

Infectious Disease: Zmax, Omnicef, Rocephin

Neurology: Rebif, Betaseron (MS); Zonegran (epilepsy); Adderall XR

Oncology: Talactoferrin, Iressa, Afinitor, Reyataz, Fortovase, Procrit

Respiratory: Nasonex, Asmanex, Robitussin, Respreeza

Sleep Medicine: Lunesta

Transplant: Neoral

Women’s Health: Kyleena, Nuvaring, Yasmin, Yaz, Mirena, Loestrin, Ortho Evra, Follistim, Elonva

Agency positions:

  • Group Copy Supervisor at Natrel (2014-16); CommonHealth (2000-02)

  • In-house Advertising Copy Director, Merck (2008-10)

  • Acting Director of Public Affairs, Roche (1996-98)

Magazine positions:

  • Health Editor, Parents Magazine (1991-93)

  • Associate Editor, SELF Magazine (1990-91)

I'm based in New Jersey and my clients are nationwide. 

I'm easy to work with. Let's chat!  


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